Jive Machine habitually bends the rules, blurs the lines, and stretches musical boundaries. Their music takes listeners on a sonic rollercoaster that fuses elements of old-school funk, progressive rock, blues, and soul. Throughout their set, you can hear diverse influences such as The Meters, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. Jive Machine is uniquely able to incorporate new ideas while paying homage to the great artists who came before them. Jive Machine is defined by a strong rhythmic foundation, infectious melodies, tasteful lead guitar virtuosity, and crisp horn lines. It's impossible not to be captivated and amazed by the talent of this group from Santa Cruz, California. Look for the band's shows throughout California as they continue to build their rapidly growing fan base.


Jive Machine is:


Colin Gailey - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter, Arranger

Corey Hendriks - Vocals

Lu DiSalvo - Bass, Vocals

Mike Golin - Drums

Richard Smith - Keyboard, Trumpet

Andreas Correal - Trombone

Cesar Nunez - Alto Sax, Trumpet



Legacy/Past Guests


Cole Colon - Tenor Sax

Stephen "The Maestro" Bigger - Keyboard

Ashley Bratrude - Vocals

Caroline Kuspa - Vocals

Nick DiSalvo - Drums, Vocals

Brad Friedman - Drums

Terry Shields - Bass​

Dan Young - Trumpet, Percussion

Nick Bianchini - Trumpet

Brendan Carol - Tenor Sax

William "Snapple Facts" Ryan - Tenor Sax